Hao Qingsong

The Chinese modern art is a product of a social and historical turmoil which is yet to be overcome.

Chen Xiaoxin

On a night in the autumn of 2002, I arrived in Yunnan province, and met Mr. He Canbo for the first time. 

Peng Feng

Dr. Rasko Radovic has called the mysterious human image in He Canbo’s ink and wash painting the “Omega person”, meaning the post human on Earth. Then, can we say He Canbo’s paintings have showed us the scenes of the last world or the posthumous world?

Yi Ying

He Canbo began his career as an artist in the beginning of 1990s and formed his own style of images ever since then.

Wang Ai

In the late 1920s,German thinker Walter Benjamin wrote in his wonderful book One-Way Street: “She lives in a world fu

Du Xiyun

The ink and wash paintings of He Canbo in recent years are concise in their pattern, and sometimes even reduced to ch

Sun Lei

Today when the artistic hierarchical framework is shattered by cultural influence, power system and market value, different understandings of works will naturally permeate and conflict against each other in a dialectical way.

Marie-Anne Lescourret

He Canbo uses the instruments and supports of the traditional Chinese pictorial paintings: Ink, water, the brush and rice paper. So, it would seem obvious that he would approach his art in function of the history of paintings based on the “Four Treasures” in the Middle Kingdom.

Dr. Rasko Radovic

Mr. He Canbo’s ink paintings are inhabited by mysterious human shapes that call “omega” beings.

Zou Yuejin

Since the beginning of the 20th century, and under the influence of western cultures, Chinese traditional paintings –

Yin Shuangxi
In a Station of the Metro
by Ezra Pound
The apparition of these faces in the crowd;